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Limits and Bonuses In Online Casino

Many online casinos have been introduced to cater to the needs of many willing to gamble online.

Though casino games are very addictive, people are very much interested in playing those games to earn money. Some may treat it as a fun filled game and a part of entertainment and some may do it as a business.

Before one starts playing online casino, it is better to know about the casino they choose and the various offers and rules that are involved in a game. The rules and offers are not the same for all online casinos. It may differ based on the company.

Some may give bonuses at certain level and some may provide permission to excel a level and various other categories exist. Hence one has to be aware of all the rules and offers for a particular game.

How to start and play online with us

The important thing that one needs to play online is the internet. If one has internet connection, then he can play in his Personal computer in his mobile.
A small form has to be filled online which contains your information which will have to be verified by us.
There are various ways to make deposits from credit cards to e-wallet. So one can choose his or her own desired way of making a deposit.

Limits at various levels

To make the players comfortable during the play, we offer various limits at various places. The different limits we impose are during the deposits, withdrawal and betting. This is to ensure a fair play for all stake holders.

Deposit Limit
Online casino imposes various limits in depositing the amount. There is a minimum and maximum limit amount that can be deposited. We also provide daily, weekly and monthly deposits to make the players safer and more comfortable.
Betting Limit
Similar to the deposit limit we do have limits on betting. This betting limit helps the player to decide whether he can choose a particular online casino game to play or not. Each game has a minimum and maximum betting limit and for each game the betting limit is different and it also depends on the popularity of the game.
Withdrawal limit:
The money can also be withdrawn on daily, weekly and monthly basis. But it also has certain minimum and maximum amount limit restriction to it here

So it is better if a player knows about all the limits that are involved before choosing to play. When one starts playing, he is sure to enjoy the thrills provided in the game. It is obvious that one would expect bonus points and money at various levels of games to have renewed interest in playing.

Various Bonuses

We understand our players and provide various bonuses to our players as a token of appreciation and a way of additional repayment to encourage you for your time spent at our casino.

Some of the bonuses we provide to our players are:

Though many play online casino games as an entertainment, there are people who treats it as a business to make money. When one treats it as a business to earn money, then he must set a limit before proceeding further. If he does not set his budget for the day, then he is sure to lose money somehow. As it is played online, one may never know that he is spending the money above his limit. One may get addicted to it and keep making additional deposits until he has zero balance. So play and set a limit to enjoy it wisely.

Deposit bonus
At times we offer deposit bonuses to encourage you to start playing. This type of bonus is available only on certain periods.
Cashable bonus
There are certain wagering requirements that have to be accomplished to win the cashable bonus. Wagering requirements are nothing but a condition that has to be satisfied. The wagering requirement may vary from one game to another. For example, one of the game can have the number of betting’s made as minimum 5 to have a cashable bonus.
Sticky type bonuses
Here the bonus is provided which could be used only in case of wagering. When you try to withdraw it, the bonus does not get included in the withdrawal amount.